The first collection of parisian designer Simon Porte Jacquemus was inspired by teenage naiveté, a longing for 90s style and a want to create casual but robust womenswear in memory of his mother. The fascinating thing is that he always tells a story through every single of his collections. The stories are about young women, the most current collection was about his image of the parisian girl – she’s not the chic girl, a lot more like young, fresh and somehow rebellious. The collections of the self taught designer, to me, is the epitome of parisian style. Really inspiring.

How does Paris inspire you?
I’m more inspired by people wherever they are. I really like watching them as a camera with concentrate. I always start with a movie or an image. 

How would you describe your style as music?
French pop singers from the 80s, from Jacno to Corinne Charbyz. 

Your designs are refined however deconstructed – are you inspired by simple beauty?
I actually like the thought of simplicity. A total look with just one fabric excites me a lot. 1 day the director of Gago, one of my stockists in Aix en Provence told me even though describing my clothing ,”C’est rien mais c’est tout.” This signifies it’s nothing at all but it’s all and I believe that’s precisely what I am.
– Interview by Dazed Digital

Take a appear at our gallery below to see some of his tremendous operate also featuring the gorgeous parisian model Caroline de Maigret.

Picture 7430 Simon Porte Jacquemus Paris

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